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    You'll Love the Technology Inside the New Mazda3

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Learn more about the Mazda3 with SKYACTIV technology:

    Put Mazda’s reputation the test and schedule your test drive with our associates at Brown’s Chantilly Mazda today. Our experienced sales staff can help you find a great value on a new Mazda and provide you with individualized care. Just call (888) 612-1062 or visit our online showroom to check model availability.

    Why a Choose Mazda from Brown's Chantilly Mazda?

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Mazda drivers in Chantilly are not just motorists—they’re loyalists. They trust Mazda vehicles at Brown's Chantilly Mazda (over other brands) for a number of reasons. It may be that Mazda is an industry leader in technology innovation, developing new systems like SKYACTIV® Technology to make cars safer, more responsive, and more fun to drive. It might also be the incredible fuel efficiency that makes the need and cost for a hybrid unnecessary. It could be the reintroduction of clean burning, high efficiency diesel engines that protect our environment, minimize our dependence on natural resources, but don’t sacrifice power and performance.

    Whatever the reason might be, drivers across America choose a Mazda every year. At Brown’s Chantilly Mazda, we carry a great selection of new and used of Mazda cars, trucks, SUVs and crossovers that are priced to move. Call (888) 612-1062 for more information on our wide inventory of new and used Mazda vehicles for sale in Chantilly.

    How to Keep Your New or Used Mazda Running Great All Summer Long

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Driving your new Mazda off the lot at Brown’s Chantilly Mazda can be an exhilarating experience, but keeping that feeling requires a little car care, particularly during these hot summer months. Summer car maintenance can help to ensure your car looks great, stays comfortable, and drives reliably every day. Here are a few tips for maintaining your new or used Mazda during the summer.

    Keeping Your Battery Charged

    One of your vehicle’s components to pay close attention to during the summer heat is your battery. As temperatures rise under your hood, battery fluid can actually evaporate from your battery, causing it to prematurely die. A simple solution is to park your Mazda in the shade or in a garage to reduce heat buildup. Have your battery inspected at your Mazda dealership to ensure it is charging properly at the correct rate.

    Maintaining Your Cooling System

    To keep your vehicle from overheating, check on your Mazda’s cooling system regularly. Coolant can evaporate from your radiator naturally and will need to be flushed and replenished annually. Check coolant levels more often during the summer to make sure they aren’t too low. Keeping a jug of 50:50 pre-mixed coolant in your garage is helpful for occasional top-offs.

    Monitoring Tire Pressure

    Finally, make sure that your tires are always properly inflated. Tire pressure is very sensitive to changes in the driving environment and outdoor temperature and can fluctuate up to two PSI for every 10 degree increase in temperature. If you’re driving on particularly hot roads or for long distances, this number can be even higher. Bring your Mazda in to your local Chantilly dealership to have your tire pressure and health checked before your next summer road trip to make sure they’re properly inflated and in good condition!

    For all of your summer maintenance needs, visit Brown’s Chantilly Mazda. Our factory trained Mazda repair technicians are ready to prepare your new or used Mazda for summer driving. Call (888) 612-1062 to make an appointment today.

    Tips for Financing Your New Mazda

    Last updated 5 years ago

    If you’re ready to get behind the wheel of a brand new Mazda, then it’s time to figure out the best financing options for you. Financing your new Mazda at the dealership is easy to do, but preparing yourself for the financing process ahead of time can save you big bucks through a lower interest rate and flexible payment options. Follow these tips to get a great deal on financing for your new Mazda:

    Do Some Math

    Start the financing process by figuring out what your ideal monthly payment and down payments will be. Knowing this information prior to starting the financing process will help you stay within your limits, and will help you identify good financing deals early on.

    Check Your Credit

    Knowing your credit score before you come to the dealership is beneficial for a few different reasons. First, it’s easier to get a realistic estimate of your monthly payments and interest rate if you know your credit score. Second, knowing your credit score also helps you determine whether there are credit issues that must be resolved before you finance. Borrowers with higher credit scores typically have access to lower interest rates and more flexible payment options.

    Go Through Your Dealership

    The easiest way to finance your new or used Mazda is by simply visiting your Chantilly Mazda dealer. While banks and auto lenders can only offer a single rate, your Mazda dealership works with several different lending institutions, making it easier to get a competitive interest rate. Financing through a Mazda dealership also makes it easier to finance since you can complete all the necessary paperwork at the dealer and take your car home right away.

    For more information on financing a new or used Mazda, contact Brown’s Chantilly Mazda. We are the Chantilly area’s leading Mazda dealership with a great selection of new and used Mazda cars, trucks, and SUVs on our lot. Call (888) 612-1062 for more information on our flexible financing options and terrific inventory.

    Spotlight on the SKYACTIV®-G Engine

    Last updated 5 years ago

    The Mazda SKYACTIV-G engine is an evolutionary step forward in automotive technology. Whereas other automakers often try to coax out more miles per gallon by relying on aerodynamic tricks or pushing the transmission into the highest gear as soon as possible, Mazda defied tradition and completely redesigned the engine to operate more efficiently overall. The result is an engine that provides a significant increase in fuel efficiency without compromising performance. But how does it work?

    Mazda engineers focused on creating the highest compression ratio possible, thus improving the overall combustion efficiency of the engine. However, they also had to develop a way to prevent “knockback,” or premature fuel combustion due to the increased pressure which results in significant torque loss. To this end, engineers incorporated various modifications such as a unique 4-2-1 exhaust manifold, direct multi-hole gas injection, delayed ignition, and more to reduce temperatures and shorten combustion times.

    Now that you know the science behind Mazda SKYACTIV engines, experience them in action by scheduling a test drive here at Brown’s Chantilly Mazda. We offer a wide inventory of new and pre-owned Mazda models in Fairfax County at great values. Call (888) 612-1062 today for more information or contact us online to schedule a test drive

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